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KUALA LUMPUR (Dow Jones)--Malaysia's palm oil exports during the Nov. 1-20 period were unchanged from the same period in October at 1.03 million metric tons, cargo surveyor SGS (Malaysia) Bhd. said Monday.

The figure is lower than market expectations of 1.10 million tons.

Another surveyor, Intertek Agri Services, estimated Nov. 1-20 exports at 1.04 million tons earlier in the day.

The following are the major items in the SGS estimate:

(All figures in metric tons)

Nov. 1-20        Oct. 1-20 
   RBD Palm Olein          444,176          346,163 
   RBD Palm Oil             93,745           79,224 
   RBD Palm Stearin        106,912          135,669 
   Crude Palm Oil          260,926          291,550 
   Total*                1,033,040        1,033,454 
   Major importers of Malaysian palm oil: 
   European Union          141,580          253,972 
   China                   276,274          223,989 
   U.S.                     74,927           46,825 
   India                   113,153          113,290 
   Pakistan                103,200           77,500 
*Palm oil product volumes don't add up to total as some products aren't included.

SGS Malaysia is a division of the Switzerland-based Societe Generale de Surveillance Group

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